Cannabis convention not a ‘beerfest’ for weed

Cannabis convention not a ‘beerfest’ for weed

By   – Reporter, Boston Business Journal

The New England Cannabis Convention kicks off its fourth annual Boston event on Saturday, expected to attract thousands of cannabis stakeholders to the growing industry event.

The event is one of several that will taking place in the Northeast, with conventions also in line for Providence, Rhode Island; Portland, Maine; Burlington, Vermont; and Northampton, Massachusetts.

Since it began in 2015, the event has grown from 50 vendors and 40 speakers to 250 booths and 150 speakers, and now features four different event tracks. Attendance has sprouted up as well, growing from over 2,000 in the first year to an anticipated 9,000 attendees expected this weekend. New England Cannabis Convention CEO and NECANN co-founder Jeff Lawrence talked to the Boston Business Journal about how far the event has come and some of the big questions it hopes to address this weekend.

Now in its fourth year, why is this event important?

One of the things we’ve been most proud of is the evolution of the educational side, not just added vendors. We have a medical-marijuana track, innovation, business and grow, and demos. It’s great to see consumers and individuals coming into the business … and to see what it is they are looking to learn more about in the industry.