Gamers Fill Boston Convention Center For PAX East 2018

Gamers Fill Boston Convention Center For PAX East 2018

BOSTON (CBS) By Katie Brace 


Every year, gamer Dante Clark comes as an assassin or a Pokemon character.

Welcome to Disneyland for gamers.

“I like to support my favorite game,” said Dillion Wong.

PAX East 2018 at the Boston Convention Center encompasses everything gaming. Once the exhibits close for the day, it’s all about playing.

pax east Gamers Fill Boston Convention Center for PAX East 2018

PAX East 2018 in Boston. (Photo: Katie Brace/WBZ-TV)

This reporter donned a VR headset and tried out a virtual reality gamecalled Audioshield.

While playing the game, a big orange ball came at me and then a blue ball and an orange ball.

A nearby screen gave onlookers an idea of what is in the VR.

In my hands, I had deflection shields. I heard techno music, so it was like a workout.

After traveling to another reality, we visited the other hot trend.

pax east gamer Gamers Fill Boston Convention Center for PAX East 2018

Gamers donned special equipment to enter a virtual reality. (WBZ-TV)

A room of gamers were taking part in a game that’s part of the Battle Royale genre – think of it like the Hunger Games.

You’re on your personal computer and your competitors are on their computers around the world.

“We always play together. I have friends in Japan, friends on other side of China, Europe,” said gamer Xavier Rivera.

Rivera made a new friend, Bryn Davis, who drove from Toronto.

“My friend here was trying to help me out, but he had already been shot, it’s quite sad,” said Davis.

What is not sad is the status of the gaming industry.

An estimated tens of thousands of gamers are expected to attend the convention.

This PAX event is the largest consumer gaming convention in North America.

For the first time, they have gone from three days to four and tickets are sold out.

“It’s great and everyone can be themselves and have a great time,” said gamer Cindy Callan.

Where else can you pilot Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise with new friends?